Sunday, January 2, 2011


This has nothing to do with makeup or photography, but my favorite NFL team made it to the playoffs! I'm hoping they're able to go all the way to the Super Bowl again this year (only this time, they'll win it) I spent this wonderful afternoon cleaning the house, watching the Colts win, eating Chinese, and spending time with my boys. It was a pretty great afternoon. My birthday is coming up on Thursday, I'm going to be 28. I'm totally okay with that, but I think I might have a mild break down when I hit 30. lol All I want for my bday is an iPod Touch and maybe a nice dinner at Sushi Umi. I'll probably end up with one or the other, but not both. I'd rather have the iPod. :) I'm heading out to Oregon again this summer, flight has been booked and everything. I'll be spending a whole week out there with my cousin, his wife, and their two kids (one of which needs to hurry his butt up and be born already!) and I really want to have an iPod to keep me entertained on the flights. That's all I've got for now. :) Hope you've all had a fantastic day!

These colors were chosen by a fellow blogger/Facebook friend. You can find and follow her here: She does reviews, pictorials, and just all around awesome makeup.

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