Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why I'm awesome, and other stuff.

I asked for suggestions on what my next post should be. The title of today's/tonight's post is an idea I was given. I didn't post right away because yesterday I wasn't feeling all that awesome, between the perpetually fussy toddler to the sulky preteen, the awesomeness was nowhere to be found. After tucking all my boys into bed (hubby included) I headed out to the bar to check out my brother in law's band. I hung out with my sister in law for the evening and had a blast. I love that I have the best inlaws in the world. Today wasn't much better, the toddler was still fussy, the preteen was still sulky (even more so because I had to ground him until his grades come up) Awesomeness was in short supply again. I slapped on some eyeshadow around midnight or so, because glitter is a pretty good mood lifter, and went to hang out with my girl Brittany. We went to Walmart where hilarity insued. Now that I've bored you all to death with a run down of the last two uneventful days of my life, I'm going to move onto the topic at hand: Why I'm awesome.

I am awesome because I wrangle a high needs toddler all day, pick up my oldest from school every day, pick my brother up from work and drive him home, and make dinner. I do this every day. Granted, that is the general job description of a stay at home mom, so maybe that's not what makes me awesome.... Crap, this is harder than I thought.
I'm awesome because, at 28, I still rock the pink hair. It's a bit pastel now because I need to redye, but generally it's an all out, in your face pink. I've had pink hair off and on for almost 10 years! Don't like it? I honestly don't care. I love the way I look with pink hair, so it stays.
I'm awesome because I have the strangest sense of fashion. I will throw together an outfit that no one on Earth should ever wear and it will look great, because I simply don't care how silly it looks.
I'm awesome because I will do anything for the ones I love. Friends, family, doesn't matter. If you need something, I will do everything I can to help you.

Want to see my makeup from the last couple of days? I hope you said "Yes," because here come the pics!

The top two are from last night. The next two are the colors I rocked tonight.

I think that's all I have for you tonight. Tomorrow, I may do a mini tutorial on how I get these awesome eye shots, though the way I do it won't help many people, because of the gear I use.


  1. you're just awesome period <3 You're an amazing woman who is kind, compassionate, caring, and loving. You bust your butt to get done what needs to be done, and for the most part you do it with a smile on your face, even when you're not in a smiley mood. You're awesome cause you are a survivor! And you're awesome cause you're going to photograph my wedding for me, lol