Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Naked Face

Today was a naked face kind of day. Hubby was home because of MLK day, the boys were both home. I didn't really wake up until very late in the afternoon. I think my little man is getting sick, I noticed in the early evening that he was roasting, so I got him down for a nap and checked his temp. He was running a bit of a fever at 101.2 so I gave him some Tylenol when he woke up. The fever didn't seem to bother him, he was still running around and jumping on us as usual. I made sure he got another dose before bed, so he wouldn't have trouble sleeping.

On an exciting note, I have new piggies to use tomorrow. I help my friend mix up some colors that she's going to start selling sometime this summer. I got to take the leftovers after we filled the pots. I'll let you all know what I think tomorrow/today and add some pictures to go along with my mini review... though I'm sort of biased, since I helped. Of course I'm going to love these colors.

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