Monday, January 10, 2011

My first product review: Lush Cosmetics

I got an e-certificate from a friend for Lush Cosmetics, and after browsing the site for a bit, I decided to order Mint Julip sugar lip scrub and the Double Choc lip tint. The prices are a bit high, so they aren't really for people on a tight budget and the shipping cost was pretty high also. I'm going to talk about the sugar scrub first.

The jar of scrub looks super tiny in pictures, but it's a lot larger in real life than I expected.

This little pot was packed to the brim with sugary goodness, and the smell was so awesome! It has a great chocolate mint scent (one of my faves!) I wish I could photograph scent for you.

I had to use it right away! Just a teeny bit is all you need, so the cost of the little pot doesn't seem nearly as bad as it did when I ordered. After scrubbing, I just kinda licked it off. The ingredients are clearly listed and I saw nothing about rinsing on the directions.

All in all, I was super pleased with this product! It smells great, tastes great, and made my lips smooth. Oh, and it has the following on the bottom, which I thought was a cute touch

Now, on to the lip tint. I really wanted to love this product because I'm a lip balm/gloss junkie. I've found a favorite (Softlips) and haven't bought anything different in so long because I'm usually not happy. I loved the color of this, it's subtle and it works with my skin tone, but that is really the only thing I liked about it. It made my lips feel dry, like I needed extra balm.

This also listed it's ingredients clearly, along with when it was made and when you should use it by.

I feel I should add that I didn't receive these for my review, nor did Lush know I was going to do a review when they shipped my stuff (in fact, I didn't decide to do a review until this afternoon)

Along with the product I ordered, I got two soap samples. They smell pretty good, though I haven't used them yet. Okay, on to the pros and cons.

Pros: Fast shipping
        Securely shipped product
        Shipped quickly
        Lip scrub is amazing

Cons: Expensive
         Balm/tint was drying

Would I buy again, possibly. I would definitely love to keep using the lip scrub and I may try out more of their products one day. Overall, though I like what I purchased and will use them both. :)

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  1. i love lush...i first discovered them down in new orleans at their store in the french quarter....

    i got some kind of honey lip moisturizer and a bar of shampoo ....i was skeptical about shampoo in a bar but it made my hair feel so clean