Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Review Time! Facebomb Costmetics

I'm going to open this review by stating that I did not pay for these items, I won them in a pigment naming contest. I will say that the owner, Shayna, had no idea that I would be doing a review on her stuff when she shipped them. On to the review.

Facebomb is an indie mineral makeup company ran by Shayna Toole out of  Panama City, Florida. She runs an Etsy shop which can be found here and a Facebook page that can be found here and the Facebook group is here. Her colors are awesome, so are super glittery and some are more shimmery (there is a difference, which I may go into another time.) She has bright vivid colors and more neutral ones also. The color I named was Sunburst. Along with my pot, which was the prize for having your pigment name picked, Shayna also included an extra pot of pigment, Spring Purple from her spring collection, and three LOADED samples. There is seriously enough in these samples that I could fill at least a 3 gram pot, but I'm guessing they are almost the size of a full 5g pot.

My package was shipped in a bubble mailer, and the items were wrapped in bubble wrap. How's that for secure? Ingredients aren't listed on the pot anywhere, but an ingredient list was included in my package along with a hand written note. I didn't get any pictures of the packaging because I was too excited to see the pigment, but I have pictures of everything else. Are you ready for a photo dump of epic proportions?

It doesn't show, but this pot had a shrink band around it

Cute logo top sticker

Sifter stickers make me happy.

Names of the colors on the bottom of the pot.

My 3 massive samples.

Ingredient list

Are you ready for a swatch-a-rama?! I hope you said "Yes," because that's what's next!

All Sparkly Glowy


Spring Purple

Davy Jones


Now for a look with my new colors!

I used Sunburst, Hoggle, and Davy Jones with All Sparkly Glowy for a highlight


That's all the pictures I have for now, so I'm going to leave you with some final thoughts. 
Would I buy from Facebomb Cosmetics again? As a matter of fact, yes I would. I already have my next purchase planned out. 

Would I recommend Facebomb to others? Yes I would.

If anyone has any questions for me, please leave them in the comments section. One other thing I want to add before I go, the fact that I won these pigments did not sway my review at all. :)

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  1. This makes me feel like I should watch the Little Mermaid lol. I love it!!!!! <3 Excellent review, leebs!