Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yay for awesome makeup days!

Today I dipped into my massive Glittersniffer cosmetics stash (seriously, I have over 200 colors) and decided to play with a collection I got last weekend. I didn't think I would like it, as it consists mostly of browns which are not my usual color choice. I gotta say, though, I totally love these colors together. It's a Twilight based collection, so excuse the names. lol

I started with a color from another collection (Harry Potter magical creatures). So, for the inner corner I used Fawkes. Then I moved on to the next color. Edward's Eyes went on next. I applied it in a sort of "C" shape, then I moved on to Jacob. I filled in the middle of the "C" with Jacob and made a tiny line outside of the "C" with it. Then I moved onto the color on the outer corner. I used Aragog (from the HP magical creatures) for the outer corner. After I got all my color down where I wanted it I went back over to blend. I like to used different brushes for different colors and don't clean off the pigment until I'm done with my eyes, that way I can use the left over color on the brush to blend with. After I had it blended how I wanted, I used a fluffy brush and patted a little bit of the gray color (Bella) right above my crease. For my brow bone I used a color called The Cullens, it's a pretty, sparkly white. Lastly, I took a bit of Fawkes under my eyes with a thin angled liner brush. There you have it! It actually took me longer to type all this out than it did to do it. lol

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