Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lets talk photography

I started this blog to talk makeup and photography, but have so far talked only about makeup. I'm a stay at home mom and I discovered my flair for photography about 3 years ago and started a bit of a hobby of it. As I progressed, I got better and better cameras. Now, I'm lucky enough to call it my job. :) I love what I do, and love that I get to capture some of the most important times of people's lives. I'm gonna stop blabbing for now and add some of my favorite pictures (in no particular order.)

The top picture was taken at a local park and then Photoshopped by me to look like the Yellow Brick Road. The next three were taken while I was in Oregon and Washington. Mt St. Helens are the two after the YBR, and then is Crater Lake. The beautiful bride is my sister in law on the day she and my brother in law made it official after 8 years of dating. The final picture is a dear friend of mine just a week or two before she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Thanks for taking a look, and I promise to share more of my favorite images with you in the future. :)

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