Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Review Time!

I had this review planned out over a month ago, but my computer died on me as I was prepping the photos. I'm going to talk about Virus Insanity Eyeshadows today. VIE isn't a vegan company (which doesn't make a bit of difference to me) and she sells some of the most awesomely bright shadows I've seen since taking my leave of Glittersniffer. I've ordered from VIE twice, once was a gift and once was for myself, and both orders arrived to me within a week and a half of payment. There was no need to contact Jenni to see where my order was or if it would be shipped. In fact, each time I ordered, Jenni let me know when my order was going to go out. The purchase I made for myself was the St. Patty's Day collection and I loved every color. I don't remember the cost now, but VIE often has sales that offer either a random 10/$25, or you can buy 6/$20, 10/$30, or 20/$55.

Now, on to packaging. My package arrived in a bubble mailer a couple of days after shipping. Once I opened the bubble mailer, this is what I saw:

Securely wrapped in a plastic bag

After you manage to get the pots out of the bag (they were very secure in there, this is a good thing) I noticed all the pots had labels on the top with the color name, and the bottom with ingredients.

I then took the lids off to begin swatching, and was met with more security measures. Sifter stickers!!!! I love these and I love it when sellers use them.

Are you ready for a swatch fest?! Here it comes!

 Shamrock is a pearly white with green and lime glitter

Drunken Leprechaun
 Drunken Leprechaun is a medium green with a red sheen. Neatest color ever.

Kiss Me, I'm Irish
 Kiss Me, I'm Irish is a medium/deep green with gold glitter.

Pot of Gold
 Pot of Gold is a pure gold with green glitter.

Luck of the Irish
 Luck of the Irish is a light shimmery gold

Lucky Glitter
Lucky Glitter is a mixture of lime, green, and gold glitter.

All of these color are available for purchase over on the VIE Facebook page, go check them out!

*none of these shadows were given to me for promotional use. I purchased all of these without the intention of doing a review, so the seller didn't give me special treatment.


  1. LOVE VIE TOO!! You will have more coming your way!!

  2. my drunken leprechaun looked nothing like that. hmm.

  3. Weird, my Drunken Leprechaun looks just like this swatch :\