Saturday, February 19, 2011

My first Madd Style Cosmetics order

I placed an order with a mineral makeup company called Madd Style Cosmetics last weekend and received it this weekend ( the lady that runs the company states in her Etsy shop that she ships on Wednesdays, so there are no surprises or wondering where your package is.) I gotta say, though I haven't used any of the new pigments I got today, I have some other one I bought from a friend, and I love them. The pots have cute stickers on the top, hand written stickers with the color name on the bottom, and, best of all, they come with sifter stickers. That means that even if those lids come loose during shipping, you're not gonna wind up with pigment all over.

The sifter sticker on the middle pot came loose, but I lost no pigment.

I love the hand written stickers

You can't tell from this picture, but these stickers are mirrored.

I bought a grab bag that came with two pigments of my choice, two pigments of the owner's choice, a new never before seen pigment, a lip balm, and a sample of her lip scrub for $15. I bought one and had a friend buy one for me since she was at a computer before I was, I should be getting that one in the next week or so.

Let me rave about the lip balm (or Hardcore Lip Bomb in Madd speak) The scent is Flapjack and it smells like I dumped a whole jug of maple syrup on my mouth. I could seriously eat the whole tube, though it isn't flavored. It is incredibly moisturizing to my lips and is pretty wonderful. Even better? It comes heat sealed!

I haven't tried the lip scrub yet. I did open the clamshell it came in to take a look, and I must say that the granules of sugar are larger than I thought they would be. I'll update once I give it a try.

Overall, I'm super happy with the condition in which my package reached me. I've ordered loose pigment before and opened up my package to a glittery mess, not cool. The shipping time could be a killer depending on when you order, but I'm cool with things taking a bit of time to reach me. People have to have lives even if they are running a business.

I was not paid, nor did I receive free items or preferential treatment for this review. These are my own opinions based on a purchase the owner had no idea I would review.


  1. Elizabeth, I bought some things a few weeks ago from her that I loved. The lip bombs are amazing! I have really liked the colors I got as well. :) I really felt compelled to order from her since she lives the next town over from me, and she didn't disappoint!

  2. I'm waiting on my PIF order from her, and another order when she did 25% off on V-day! I only have a few pigments from her but I LOVE them and can't wait to get my other orders!